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Changing legislation and an overall lack of public acceptance of the development of Brownfield sites has led to legacy assets becoming millstones for landowners, whether private individuals or public bodies.

Achieving maximum asset realisation is a core function and strength of Asset & Land Recovery, we have the knowledge and expertise required to convert your land into a valuable asset.

This value creating process can be carried out in partnership or as a full asset sale, either way you will benefit in both cash terms and renewed credibility.

Commerciality is key to all aspects of our business, ensuring that our clients and partners achieve best value is a main concern. Therefore, we adopt an open book approach to ensure optimum site value for the client, ensuring sale value is not concealed by the safe cost of removal or the cost of removal does not prohibit a sale.

Our in-house contract costing system can be accessed by clients and partners, and assets can be sold by, or on behalf of the client, either jointly or direct.

Visit our sales room for a full listing of current asset sale items, or contact us using our online contact form or call us on 0845 034 89 89  for any Asset and Land acquisition / sale enquiries.

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Recent Projects

Dumfries DemolitionDumfries Demolition
With the use of a Hitachi 470 high reach demolition spec excavator we have been able to begin the demolition of this large industrial building.

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