Decommissioning & Decontamination

DismantlingThe dismantling of hazardous plant in safety critical environments requires a thorough understanding of the risks involved and the techniques required in managing those risks.

Asset & Land Recovery benefits from a combination of over 60 years senior management experience working in the petro-chemical and nuclear industry, consistently demonstrating the high level of skill needed to operate safely on these high risk sites, along with the intellectual expertise, knowledge and competence required. Similarly, the techniques developed in delivering these projects has steered our procurement strategy, thus ensuring consistent deployment of highly efficient people and plant.

Decommissioning and Dismantling of Plant Equipment

Our high-performing management teams are all industry accredited and are supported by high tech specialist equipment and a strong in-house design / engineering capability. This combination allows Asset & Land Recovery to consistently demonstrate added value through innovative solutions and contract assurance.

Confidence in our ability is matched by our mature approach to collaboration and broad teamwork which ensures that the optimum solution is delivered with the consideration of all neighbouring assets.

Contaminated assets or land (i.e. asbestos or hazardous chemicals) must be dealt with under stringent health & safety law, regulation and guidance. Asset & Land Recovery is fully competent and accredited to deal with all types of contamination, having formed partnerships with the necessary government bodies and licensed industry experts to help ensure our actions do not adversely affect your reputation but simply enhance it. We fully recognise the sensitivity associated with the majority of sites and the large number of interfaces, both public and private. Following initial investigations, survey and planning, we will develop a detailed and robust site specific ‘Waste Management Plan’ for onward communication, which will instill confidence amongst all stakeholders and other interested parties.

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Decommissioning and Decontamination Services

If you are looking for specialists to take on your dismantling, decomissioning or decontamination project, we can help so make sure that you get in touch and talk to the experts here at Asset & Land Recovery.

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Recent Projects

Dumfries DemolitionDumfries Demolition
With the use of a Hitachi 470 high reach demolition spec excavator we have been able to begin the demolition of this large industrial building.

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